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Combine PDF Files Mac



Combine PDF Files Mac – Efficiently and Effectively

Handling Mac might appear a very tough job for windows users, but in reality the work is very easy to grasp especially when it comes to PDF files conversion, editing and amalgamation. Combining two or more PDF files can be done in a very few simple steps. The combining of files has been just like a copy-paste technique, but due care has to be given to some configurations so that no technical dispute arises. It is a simple yet sophisticated process which will seem very easy once you know the process by hard.

The files which are to be combined are opened through the option of preview and then the Sidebar option is used in each preview window by following View> Sidebar> Show Sidebar. After this, only thing that remains is thumbnail configuration and the remaining work after that is a simple copy paste job. The thumbnail of the source document is to be dragged over to the thumbnail of destination document and the mouse or track pad button is to be released only when the cursor shows a green button with a plus sign in it. This is how simple PDF files can be combined.

If there are multiple pages already existing in the PDF document you want to combine then you can add or delete new pages in it from one another and even insert a page in between multiple pages with the features available in the PDF. A PDF with multiple pages shows a gray circle with an arrow which keeps revolving and when it points leftwards, it is to be clicked to view the thumbnails of all the pages of the PDF document. Then, the thumbnails of the page to be added to other file are dragged to the destination file’s thumbnail. In the cases when the destination document has multiple pages, the thumbnail of the source document has to be inserted between the two destination pages. The destination pages can be selected by checking a blue bar between the two pages. This is how you can combine pdf files Mac very easily.

Post by garrysmith76 (2012-10-26 10:20)

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